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Air Cavity QFN Packages

Open-molded Plastic Packages (OmPP)®

Quik-Pak’s exclusive Open-molded Plastic Package (OmPP) is a pre-molded, air cavity QFN package (Quad Flat No-Lead) designed to provide a high quality, fast solution for your IC packaging and IC assembly needs.

These QFN packages or open-molded plastic packages (OmPP) come in a variety of sizes and are ideal for prototype, mid volume or production volume applications.

Pre-Molded Air Cavity QFN Package Advantages:

Custom QFN Air Cavity Packages
Custom Open-molded
QFN Packages
  • RoHS and REACH Compliant “Green” Molding Compound used to make QFN packages
  • Gold Plated QFN Packages
  • Superior Bondability
  • Custom QFN Body Sizes and Lead Counts available off the shelf

Pre-Molded Air Cavity QFN Packages Offer Flexibility

Quik-Pak’s Au/Ni plated QFN Packages are offered in a broad assortment of sizes from 3x3mm to 12x12mm with a variety of pitch options. They are manufactured using a RoHS and REACH compliant “green” molding compound.

Quik-Pak’s new OmPP air cavity packages are production quality and are available for rapid delivery to meet customers needs.

QFN Packages Open-molded Plastic Package

Open-molded Plastic Package QFN Drawings



# of Leads

Drawing (.pdf)

Bondshell (.zip)

QFN 3x3 8 Lead QP-QFN8-3MM-.65MM Download
QFN 3x3 12 Lead QP-QFN12-3MM-.5MM Download
QFN 3x3 12 Lead QP-QFN12-3MM-.65MM Download
QFN 3x3 16 Lead QP-QFN16-3MM-.5MM Download
QFN 4x4 16 Lead QP-QFN16-4MM-.65MM Download
QFN 4x4 20 Lead QP-QFN20-4MM-.5MM Download
QFN 4x4 24 Lead QP-QFN24-4MM-.5MM Download
QFN 4x4 28 Lead QP-QFN28-4MM-.4MM Download
QFN 5x5 16 Lead QP-QFN16-5MM-.8MM Download
QFN 5x5 20 Lead
QP-QFN20-5MM-.65MM Download
QFN 5x5 24 Lead QP-QFN24-5MM-.65MM Download
QFN 5x5 28 Lead QP-QFN28-5MM-.5MM Download
QFN 5x5 32 Lead QP-QFN32-5MM-.5MM Download
QFN 5x5 40 Lead QP-QFN40-5MM-.4MM Download
QFN 6x6 28 Lead QP-QFN28-6MM-.65MM Download
QFN 6x6 36 Lead QP-QFN36-6MM-.5MM Download
QFN 6x6 40 Lead QP-QFN40-6MM-.5MM Download
QFN 6x6 48 Lead QP-QFN48-6MM-.4MM Download
QFN 7x7 32 Lead QP-QFN32-7MM-.65MM Download
QFN 7x7 44 Lead QP-QFN44-7MM-.5MM Download
QFN 7x7 48 Lead QP-QFN48-7MM-.5MM Download
QFN 7x7 60 Lead QP-QFN60-7MM-.4MM Download
QFN 8x8 56 Lead QP-QFN56-8MM-.5MM Download
QFN 9x9 64 Lead QP-QFN64-9MM-.5MM Download
QFN 10x10 72 Lead QP-QFN72-10MM-.5MM Download
QFN 10x10 88 Lead QP-QFN88-10MM-.4MM Download
QFN 12x12 80 Lead QP-QFN80-12MM-.5MM Download
QFN 12x12 100 Lead QP-QFN100-12MM-.4MM Download
8 Lead QP-SOIC8-150-100x75 Download
Matching Lids


Custom Open-molded QFN Package
Custom Open-molded
QFN/DFN Package

Custom QFN Plastic Packages

Quik-Pak’s new line of Open-molded Plastic Packages (OmPP) includes 28 open-tooled QFN packages meeting JEDEC foot prints for package bodies ranging from 3mm square to 12mm square. What if you like the size but want a custom I/O or paddle pattern? Quik-Pak can provide custom QFN packages for low NRE charges.

For example, suppose you want a 3mm square DFN instead of one of our standard QFN packages. We can do it.

Suppose you want to simulate package designs with high frequency transmission lines and then have someone build the package. We can do it.

Quik-Pak is your source for microelectronic IC packaging and IC assembly solutions.

Custom QFN Package Lids
QFN Package
Air Cavity Lids

Ceramic Lids For Our Air Cavity QFN Packages

Quik-Pak offers matching lids for our new line of open cavity packages called Open-molded Plastic Packages. Our standard flat lids are made from 91% alumina ceramic. We also have flat, plastic lids made from the same RoHS and REACH compliant plastic that we use to make our QFN packages. If you want to seal your IC packages, we can add a B-stage epoxy ring to the lid.

Optional lid materials include:

ITAR Registered ISO 9001 ISO 13485